On Tuesday, 05 Apr 2022 and on our behalves, Gail Bouw welcomed County Archivist Joshua Klar as our Guest Speaker.  Via Zoom, he spoke to us about the background, ongoing development and use of the local Archives. For more details about Joshua and the County Archives please go to the the "Read more ..." tab..
Joshua offered a most informative presentation, noting all the ways that our community benefits from the work of the Archives staff and the physical/digital holdings collected and maintained. He concluded by seeking even more community participation and suggesting the availability of volunteer opportunities for those so-inclined.
Following quite a few questions about the program, Gail Catherwood thanked Joshua for his commitment to the important archivist role as well as for his interesting talk. 
Following the morning presentation, arrangements were made to establish our club with the Archives digital collection - see this link for details.
Civic and Local History: Why Archives MatterA local municipal archives holds the documentary record of a community’s local history, including the activities and decisions made by the municipal government. A municipal archives records the challenges, aspirations, and experiences of today’s generations, and of the generations that have preceded us.  Joshua Klar discusses why archives are important for preserving our local history to benefit our successors in the generations to come and to support future decision making.
More information about the recently opened County Archives at the Eva Brook Donly Museum may be found by clicking on this link.