On Tuesday morning, 06 February 2024, and on our collective behalves, Gail Bouw welcomed Jean Montgomery (employed with Indwell Residences as well as the Salvation Army) as our Guest Speaker. At our hybrid session, she spoke to us about mental health issues in general with some connections to Norfolk County. More specifically, she talked about; mental health vs mental illness, the impact of stress on our mental well-being, the prevalence and trends associated with mental well-being and the need for resources and support. Along the way, she showed a video clip that introduced us to the Home Share / Home Seeker program.
Following a burst of related questions, our own Scott Williams (with his own professional interest in the topic) offered RCNS appreciation for a most relevant presentation - well done, Jean.
The centre of our local, Haldimand & Norfolk County response to mental wellness issues is at Community and Mental Health Services (CAMHS) - more about CAMHS does may be found by clicking here.