On Tuesday morning, 15 February, and on behalf of the RCNS, Jim Simpson welcomed Virginia Lucas to our Zoom meeting to speak to us about Church Out Serving (COS) programs in our community. Click on this link to obtain more information about the general nature of this topic.
Inasmuch as our Rotary Club has been a booster of the COS's initiatives, Virginia concentrated on giving us updates on those aspects of COS work that were of most interest to us. In so doing, she covered a variety of Food Programs, the Community Gardens, the Donation Station, the Out of the Cold initiative and the progress being made on the Food Hub at Riversyde 83. Virginia then addressed multiple comments/enquiries from the group. Copies of certain slides used during the presentation are at the 'Read more...' tab below.
Ross Gowan thanked Virginia for her most-informative update, noting her inspirational work as a kind of 'community glue' needed to help those in need. 
Church Out Serving is a community-focused faith-inspired charity…  believers in Jesus from Simcoe and surrounding Norfolk County who step into gaps, offer services, assist where we can, all of this to put Jesus’ love into action, here where we live.  We believe the best way to love is to serve. 
Slides from the presentation included the following selection;