On Tuesday, 16 March, Rudi Atkinson gave a 'blessed' welcome to our Guest Speaker, Kelsey Blake friend of our Club and previous outbound, RCNS exchange student.
Kelsey focussed her presentation on her experiences in Hungary (2005-2006), and how the Rotary youth exchange program has shaped her life to date. Clearly, her success follows the opportunities Rotary has offered her, as she lead us thought the developments in her life - Rotary youth exchange, Rotary youth leadership, post-secondary education in Toronto, Quinn, corporate risk-taking and success and her passion for women-focussed, documentary photography and videography .... so many BHAGs!
Several of the slides in her presentation as well as certain details on Kelsey's professional success may be found by going to the "Read more ..." tab as given below.
Following several questions, Dave Nicolle congratulated Kelsey on her success and offered up the thought that her success was very much a reward to everyone in the club who have invested in the success of our Youth and Exchange programs over the years.
Kelsey Blake's current company is called Found Her Productions, based in Toronto. I am the Co Founder and Filmmaker, and we create photo and film content for female entrepreneurs and artists. 
Kelsey's website is a work in progress but can be seen here: https://www.foundher.productions/
It should also be noted that as a friend of the RCNS, Kelsey has lent her hand to supporting several of our ventures; Days of Action and Catch the Ace come to mind.