On Tuesday morning, 19 Sept 2023, we welcomed our own Dave Nicolle as our Guest Speaker. At our hybrid (ie live attendance at R83 with zoom remote attendance) session, he spoke to us about his recent trip to Southern Africa. 
In his very entertaining and informative presentation, Dave noted that this long-planned trip this past April, had been intended as a motorcycle adventure and a family reunion. In respect of his 14 day, 10 bike, 18 rider, 3000km motorcycle tour (see the 'Read more ..' tab), Dave noted that he passed through 5 countries, witnessed many wildlife and nature parks, saw some unique & exceptional scenery and made friends with a terrific international group. He filled-out his one-month adventure by describing how good it was to reconnect with his family in that part of our world.
Dave's most excellent presentation was followed by as many questions as time permitted, as well as a note of Club gratitude from Gail Catherwood who recounted her own similar travel experience.
More information about the Dave's motorcycle tour may be found by clicking on this link.