On Tuesday, 23 November, and on our behalves, Louise Schebesch welcomed Samantha Devereaux as our Guest Speaker; noting her previous experience with us as a Welshpool exchange student 10 years ago!  Via Zoom, Sam helped us to learn more about issues related to personal wellness and more particularly about her developing business Laka Wellness. Additional information concerning this topic is available at the 'Read more ...' tab shown below.
In appreciation for Sam's clear and informative presentation, Gail Catherwood offered our warm thanks and noted that we had donated additional funds in her name to the Operation EyeSight project, this to restore the vision of a senior in India.
Läka Wellness is a private healing center in the heart of Port Dover that is dedicated to offering psychotherapy services to individuals who are struggling to achieve a sense of balance in life. Läka Wellness offers services designed to help individuals achieve mental health and/or addiction related wellness goals. Läka Wellness strives to create a healing center that empowers individuals on their journey to wellness, while at the same time, challenging the stereotypical experience of therapy by introducing holistic and client-centered approaches to healing. Läka Wellness envisions a world where individuals view therapy as a preventative health measure, transitioning the framework of therapy from a focus on illness to wellness.
Samantha Devereaux, MACP, RP(Q)