On Tuesday, 24 August, we welcomed three high-school students who had been selected as recent Slapshot participants and our Guest Speakers. Rudi Atkinson noted the context for the Rotary SlapShot program selection and provided for student introductions.
In turn, each student spoke of the value that they took from the virtual leadership experience. In each case, they were surprised by the benefits the program offered, in particular as related to their leadership growth and their need to cope with modern teen stress. 
Click on this link to find out some background information about SlapShot as a Rotary 7090 program.
John Wallace commented on the impact these Rotary youth programs were/are having on individual lives and Nancy Sherwin offered our gratitude for these presentations. She noted that the RCNS had contributed funds in their names, to our Operation EyeSight project; this to restore the vision of a senior in India.