On Tuesday morning, 26 Mar 2024, and on our collective behalves, Ken Carey welcomed Christopher Morgan as our Guest Speaker. At our hybrid (ie live attendance at R83 with zoom remote attendance) session, he spoke to us about HoverLink Ontario Incorporated; the initiative to use hovercraft to provide for mass-transit between Toronto and the Niagara Region.  Christopher, as a successful high-level entrprenuer with rather eclectic interests, provided a very interesting and entertaining glimpse into this project; highlighting the 'Win' (environmental), 'Win' (tourism), 'Win' (economic) characteristics associated with this novel solution to the movement of people and goods.
More information about Hoverlink may be found by clicking here.  Shown at the 'Read more ...' tab is a short note related to our speaker's background as well as a snap-shot of the HoverLink initiative.
After many questions, President John Wallace concluded with words of appreciation for a great briefing.

Chris Morgan, CEO & Founder​

Chris is an accomplished entrepreneur and racing professional, with extensive experience supporting global marketing efforts for major Fortune 500 companies. His experience includes working with P&G, Walmart International, Disney, Universal/Alliance Atlantis, Nestle, Molson Breweries, Coors, Pirelli, Bridgestone, Formula 1, Suzuki Japan R&D team and Honda Canada. Chris also has an Earth Sciences degree from McMaster University, providing him with unparalleled knowledge in environmental issues, urban planning, infrastructure and transportation.



Snap-Shot of HoverLink Inc Founder​.