On Tuesday morning, 28 May '24, and on our collective behalves, Gail Bouw introduced former Rotaract member 'Liz Grace' (and Service Dog, Meta!) as our Guest Speaker.
At our hybrid (ie live attendance at R83 with zoom remote attendance) session, she discussed her many and very personal experiences related to living and working with a mental illness. She also talked about her involvement in writing and publishing her book Resilient: Surviving My Mental Illness found as authored by 'Liz Grace'; her pen-name. Reflecting upon her book, she read certain excerpts to more clearly explain her experiences. 
Many questions followed this most interest and moving presentation ... even Meta found herself to be the subject of interest!
On behalf of the RCNS, President John noted the related PI priorities/initiatives associated with mental health and gave our friend of the Club a 'Club-Hug' - afterwards, Andrew Watt offered words of encouragement and an expression of thanks for influencing us in such a positive way.