On Tuesday, 29 March 2022, we travelled to Abel Enterprises for a rare 7pm, on-site, face-to-face(!), Club meeting to hear about the community support programs being offered by that group. Pres Louise introduced our own Scott Williams (in the company of the Abel Board Chair, John Ford and Admin Asst Michele Langedyk), all of whom hosted us to an array of great drinks/snacks as well as their facility and then acted as our Guest Speakers. 
Scott presented a most interesting & professional report about the history, the struggles and the work of his group, highlighting the positive outcomes being enjoyed by his 20 partners and their clients ... such encouraging work in support of those in need in our community.
Go to the "Read more ..." tab for additional information, evening photos and an excellent video clip summarizing the community good being offered.
Along the way, we found time to welcome a new member, to present a Paul Harris award and to note the new District logo/theme for the new year - see companion stories.
Pres Louise closed out a wonderful meeting and offered our sincere thanks to Scott (and John) for the hosted evening and the great presentation.
ABEL Enterprises is a non-profit agency which fosters social entrepreneurship. ABEL provides skill development opportunities to more than 70 individuals in our community with a mental illness and/or addiction. Skilled trades-people provide training and oversee the production of all products, creating an atmosphere where both the membership and the customer benefit.
More information can be found by clicking on this link.
A very good video clip citing the background, aims and work of Abel Enterprises can be viewed by clicking on this link.
An assortment of photos as related to the presentation given as follows;