On Tuesday morning, 21 March 2023, Chair of Club Services, Gail Bouw welcomed Karen Matthews as our Guest Speaker. At Riversyde 83, she spoke to us about the Simcoe & District Chamber of Commerce as she sees it from her new vantage point as the recently appointed (4 days in the job!) Executive Director. Karen energized the room and entertained all of us as she spoke of her career adventures, her 'return to town' and her intentions, hopes and dreams for the Chamber.
More information about the Chamber may be found by going to the 'Read more ...' tab as given below.. 
Steve Malo added a special note of congratulations and Gail Catherwood thanked Karen for her great message. On behalf of all of us, she wished Karen well as she works towards an ever-developing business network and a better Norfolk.



The Simcoe and District Chamber of Commerce.

Since 1888, the Simcoe and District Chamber of Commerce has been serving the community. Today, many local businesses and individuals make up our membership. Through the Chamber’s various committees, special events and programs, members enhance business and other opportunities in Simcoe and the surrounding area, making the community a better place in which to live and work.  The Simcoe and District Chamber of Commerce strives to be the recognized voice of business committed to the enhancement of economic prosperity in Simcoe and surrounding districts.

More information about the Simcoe & District Chamber of Commerce is available at this link.