On Tuesday, 22 Nov 2022,  Leah Logan & Jean Montgomery from Indwell, welcomed us to their new facility (Dogwood Suites). Introduced by Joanne Kiefer, Leah & Jean provided for a great update on the progress that they are making with the Dogwood initiative. Moreover, they had coordinated with the Dogwood residents to provide us with early morning refreshments/snacks as well as to break our group into two for a revealing tour of the new facility. What a great way to start the day!
Shown in the photo in front of the breakfast nook with our morning feast is (left to right) - RCNS Members Linda Muir & Bettyann Carty, RCNS Pres Louise Schebesch, Indwell Residents Lara Waite & Michelle Ruskinko, Indwell Staff Jean Montgomery, Indwell Resident Kurtis Swartzentruber and Indwell Manager Leah Logan.
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The Indwell development is nothing but a remarkable community success story; one that the Indwell staff can be so proud of; one that the community can be most satisfied with. How thankful are we all, to have this project undertaken in our community!
More information about the two housing ventures Indwell operates in Simcoe may be found by clicking on either of the following links - Hambleton Hall and/or Dogwood Suites.