Norfolk News

Thanks in part to the Rotary Club of Norfolk Sunrise, hikers, cyclists and cross-country skiers will have more room to manoeuvre along the Norfolk Sunrise rail trail.

That’s the link that runs through Simcoe joining the Waterford Heritage Trail and the Lynn Valley Trail.

The local Rotary chapter approached Norfolk County in regards to partnering on the upgrade of the remaining section of the rail trail between the 13th and 14th concessions north of Simcoe, and staff has asked council to approve the project partnership.

The cost of widening the trail section to eight feet is $20,000, with half of the money coming from the club and the other half from the municipality.

The county’s trails development co-ordinator, Mark Boerkamp, said when this section of rail trail was built in 2008-09, it was six feet wide. In 2013 the section between the 14th concession and Argyle Street was upgraded and widened to eight feet. The remaining area between the 13th and 14th concessions is the only section left to be upgraded.

The Norfolk Sunrise trail is part of the Trans Canada Trail network running to Waterford and on to Brantford.


"We’re extremely fortunate to have this rail quarter that goes north and south right straight through Norfolk County. It’s pretty unique,” Boerkamp said.

The majority of Norfolk’s 45 kilometres of rail trail are complete, but Boerkamp said there is still a gap at the end of the Delhi rail trail, which ends at Fertilizer Road.

“You always run into issues of whose property it is, and we couldn’t go any farther down the rail trail at that particular time because there was actually an active rail road going on right there,” he said, adding that the county is also working on another extension of the Trans Canada Trail running from Delhi to Oxford County.