Licence #4 is a wrap!
Weekly prizes have been awarded. The Grand Prize winner has been announced and the scene is set for another Licence #5.
A significant amount of the cash raised goes right back into the local community in accordance with AGCO and County policies and guidelines.
The enclosed poster gives a reflection on the causes that our Club has supported with Licence #4 proceeds.
We are proud to support this selection of community groups - they make us proud to be members of Norfolk County.
Well done to the Community Service Committee for the work that goes into managing these donations. BZ. 

On Tuesday morning, our own Norfolk Sunrise Club (with several guests from the Simcoe and Delhi Clubs) welcomed Brian Carmichael and Gail Catherwood who lead a discussion re our interest in Rotary Satellite clubs.  In opening the session, Brian provided a brief overview of Rotary as it is today, noting more members were leaving than joining and that average ages were creeping up. Nonetheless, Rotary International is considering a more efficient structure (a Canadian Zone), new Clubs (48) are being formed and progress is being made in our new high-tech circumstances. In the context of Passport Clubs, Rotaract Clubs, E-Clubs and the like, the speaker focused on the merits of forming Satellite Clubs; an initiative that might work well in the current Norfolk situation. See the "Read more ..." tab below, for a primer that provides everything (and more!) that you need to know about the topic. A wide-ranging discussion followed this excellent and most informative briefing. Several local initiatives are to be considered. Well-done, Brian!

Those of us who enjoy all that Rotary brings to our lives often get asked; .. 'What is a Rotary????  Often it's hard to explain something so worthy, in just a few words. 
That being the case, one of our partner clubs, took a shot at trying to explain the Rotary concept using a bit of humour. It reflects many good reasons to consider Rotary as a way to support your community and discover new friends.
Enjoy ...
Mark your calendars for our next Rotary Wheel Road Rally followed by a genuine face-to-face, social BBQ; all this fun being planned by our hardworking ways and means group, for Sunday 19 September 2021 (assuming we are suitably clear of the current pandemic restrictions).
Stay tuned to this site or our FaceBook page for developing information and details.
It'll be .. zoom-zoom .. in a very different way than we've been used to!
The Waterford Heritage Trail is well utilized and enjoyed by so many Norfolk residents and tourists alike.  It has been especially popular during the pandemic.
Recognizing this beautiful gem of a trail, the Rotary Club of Norfolk Sunrise has been an enthusiastic supporter of the Trail over the years. We have contributed to bridge repairs, infrastructure procurement, trail development and new contruction.
Recently, we made a further donation for the completion of the last section of trail, the approach to the eventual bridge. Presenting the donation on behalf of Norfolk Sunrise is Steve Malo, Club President and Mary Mercato, Chair of Community Service Committee.  Accepting on behalf of the Heritage Trail is Andy Kooistra, Dave Lapierre and Michael McDonnell. Go to the 'Read more ...' tab learn more and view several additional photos from our 'day on the trail'.
More fun from our ever-caring Membership Cttee - focussing on issues of current interest in our Club as it gets ready to change presidency from Steve Malo to Louise Schebesch on 22 June.
More fun from our ever-caring Membership Cttee -
On the occasion of our 25th Anniversary, the RCNS has decided to mark the occasion with a suitable tree planting along our Sunrise Trail - more to follow on this event at a later time.
This puzzler focusses on trees as we get ready to plant!
The fourth approved licencing of our ever-popular community fundraiser concluded on Friday 04 June 2021 - what an adventure that series of draws proved to be - congratulations to all winners but in particular to Bev Wood our $30K Grand Prize Winner!
As a result of the continuing interest in this draw, the Rotary Club of Norfolk Sunrise, with the support of the Port Dover Legion Branch 158, will secure a fifth AGCO/County license and intends to recommence the game on Friday 10 September - stay tuned over the summer for additional details.
See our Fundraiser Tab at the top of this website home page to see the details concerning this very popular game of chance.
It finally happened - the Ace was caught after 50 draws! #38 was the lucky envelope and the winner is Bev Wood. Event photo shows Gail Bouw (RCNS), Judy Buck (RCL) and Bev; our happy winner.
The Rotary Club of Norfolk Sunrise in partnership with the Port Dover Royal Canadian Legion Branch #158, started this draw on 02 Jan, 2020. Owing to the pandemic, it had to be stopped it twice and was eventiually restarted under very controlled, county-approved procedures - in the end, it proved to be worth the time and effort it took finally find this ace.
Over $20,000 was given out to weekly winners; $ 30,000 was given to the grand prize winner (in this case Bev Wood) and and the remaining$50,000 collected will be put back into the community for the benefit of selected Norfolk County recipients - with the help of the RCNS, everyone is a winner in this authorized game-of-chance contest. Have a look at the "Read more ..." tab to see a list of the lucky winners.
We want to thank everyone involved for the support needed to bring this, our fourth licence to such a dramatic and successful close.
On Tuesday morning, 31 currently active members 'zoomed' in to celebrate our 25th Anniversary as a Club and to recognize our founding members, in particular, those who remain as active members.
Originating from the very active days of the Rotary Club of Simcoe in the 1990's, we split away and were founded on 16 May 1996. Planned by a recognized Steering Committee and set out with the blessings of Rotary International and our parent Simcoe Club, our first group of 52 held their Assemblies at Mindon Manor under the leadership of our founding President, Keith Flexman (very recently departed - may he RIP in Rotary heaven!). In the photo, see Pres Keith being so-pinned at the first club assembly by first Club Secretary Terry Kristman.
If you go to the 'Read more ...' tab, you will find recognition of the Steering Committee, the first leadership team and the full list of our 52 founding members.
During our anniversary meeting, the remaining, active members of the founding group, each provided us with one or more memories/reflections related to the inauguration and/or history of our club. Go to the 'Read more ...' tab to see a summary of their ideas. How grateful we are for the work this group has done over the years as well as the example they continue to contribute as we look forward to our bright future as a service club.
The RCNS has jumped in to help with the Rotary effort to supply urgent health supplies to India.
Kathryn Vance drew our International Service Cttee's attention to the initiative (see the "Read more ..." tab below). Due to the immediacy of the situation our Club decided to act quickly. A discussion was held and a motion was agreed upon by email. The RCNS contribution of US$1000 will purchase one concentrator. The money will be going to the Rotary Leadership in India, where the concentrators will be purchased; they will ensure that they are delivered appropriately. These machines produce oxygen from the air and never go empty. At the time of this writing,  about 10 District 7090 clubs had already joined the effort.
With the coming of spring there are a lot of Sunrise Trail activities planned.  
First up is the continuing tree planting on the “John Wallace” Rotary Grove on the RC Norfolk Sunrise trail North of Davis Drive.  The plan is to continue the planting of redbuds on both sides of the trail on the straight section going north from Davis St.  We have a skeleton crew signed up to plant on Apr16 (9-12am); with COVID restrictions we are limited to 5 people.  In preparation for the tree planting we will clear some brush so will have a crew on Apr 9 (9am) to do this work - this is a bit heavier work with loppers, saws and brush hogs are needed to take out heavier brush.
Along with the Redbud planting this spring, the RCNS is working with Norfolk County on continuing the tree planting effort. Going north of the Rotary grove, we will be planting a mix of trees on the east side of the trail with the goal of reaching the 14th Concession.  It is expected that this planting project will be scheduled for the Fall '21.  
Speaking of the Fall, rumour has it that past president Rudi is hatching a plan to continue the planting of daffodils in the Rotary grove - stay tuned for further developments!
The planning has begun ...
The Little Lending Library (LLL) is a free book sharing/lending tool, increasing access to books for readers of all ages.  Currently over 100 countries around the world have established over 100,000 LLL, exchanging millions of books.
The Rotary Club of Norfolk Sunrise is in the process of establishing its first free Little Lending Library in Simcoe and is planning on establishing additional sites within Norfolk County.  
Lead for this District 7090 conceived initiative is with Mary Mercato with support form Alan/Yvonne Plater ... all in support of literacy and promoting the love of reading.
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