Youth Unlimited Norfolk CountyOn Tuesday, 25 Jan, we will welcome Daniel Avey as our Guest Speaker. Via Zoom, he will speak to us about his work with Youth Unlimited Norfolk County - see the "Read more ..." tab for additional information on Dan and click on YFC Norfolk to see more about his group..
We encourage open attendance by all of those who are interested in this topic.
If you would like to join in, please contact our RCNS meeting coordinator at your earliest opportunity at this email link. 
Once again, and in adapting to the pandemic realities, the Rotary Club of Norfolk Sunrise is holding our annual spring Fundraiser, Bargains, Bling and Blarney auction on-line. Our plan is to collect donated gently used or new items from all of those who are reorganizing or down-sizing their homes.  
Information about our auctioneer (Illieston Auctions & Estates), as well as how your items might be donated, can be found at this link.
Up-to-date, Virtual Auction '22 information may be found by clicking on this link. 
Again this year, with all of the pandemic restrictions that we live with, the Rotary Club of Norfolk Sunrise found a way of making the year end on a positive note. Again this year, Bettyann Carty took to organizing a fun and nutritious meal for the residents at the Indwell Hambleton Hall accommodation in Simcoe.
Bettyann writes in that; "We provided 45 dinners from Swiss Chalet, $50 gift cards and goodie bags to 39 men and 6 ladies. It was well received and appreciated. As was quoted in their thank you note, “Our gift demonstrates that our Rotary Club has shown the tenants love and acceptance into our Norfolk Community”.  I want to thank Gail Bouw, Jim and Lynda Simpson and Louise Schebesch for your help with putting the bags together and picking up the dinners at Swiss Chalet. Also, a big appreciation to the monetary donations which enabled us to “pay it forward” with this event.  Happy New Year."
As 2021 closes, we are reminded of the kindness and generosity of corporate citizens such as Swiss Chalet as well as certain individual donors, the essential community support offered by the likes of Indwell and the continuing community roles played by service organizations such as our own. 
Pictured at the delivery of the meals and holiday goodies is a group of Indwell residents, Indwell staff and RCNS members (left to right) -Kenneth Lucas, Dan Micucci, Simon Livingstone, Debra Vandermeer, Leah Logan, Gail Bouw, Jessica Van de Hoef, Bettyann Carty, Lynda Simpson
Go to the 'Read more ...' tab to see some additional photographs taken that date.
Over the past several years, our Club has been an ongoing supporter of the First Nation's peoples at Pikangikum. Donations of time, talent and funds have been coordinated by Jim & Marjorie Dawson. Jim writes in that ...
"Here are some pictures from the Pikangikum Christmas concert.  We have been supporting the School music program for many years with guitars, keyboards, drums and performance equipment such as speakers.  This years event was spread over three days because of all of the various musical programs and has become a major production.  Our friend and guitar player Trav Peters even stayed at the school for three days because someone in his home was in quarantine and he was helping to set up the sound systems."
Go to the 'Read more ...' tab to see a few additional pictures of the concert incl a photo of Trav with music teacher Morris.
Our latest club latest donation to the music program was for music and music theory books.  We also helped them get a Music Counts grant for instruments last year.
Santa visited the PR&C Cttee just before Christmas and left gifts for the Club!
See our new signage - promotional material needed as a result of old product deterioration and a requirement to adopt the official Rotary branding ideas.
With the blessing of the Board, and some excellent productive work by Stripe Art, we have acquired a new sign at our Argyle St location, new club parking signs for our original sandwich boards and a new 'feather flag' that may be used to attract attention to our gatherings. Club members are encouraged to use these signs as we organize social and fundraising events into the new year.
Getting onto the festive giving arrangements were members of the PR&C Cttee; Jim Simpson, Joanne Kiefer and Nancy Sherwin (well - OK; as the Club Secty, she's not really a PR&C Cttee member but she is a gift to our meetings!)
Go to the 'Read more...' tab to see some 'before & after' photos.
Merry Christmas to the Club from your PR&C Cttee.
The RCNS has a long history of working internationally and with other partners, in the service of Operation EyeSight fundraising. Our Fall 2021 campaign is now well-under-way. 
Our International Service Committee has put together a short 5 minute update on the progress of our three Global Grant projects including our newest project in Mzuzu, Malawi in Africa.  See how you are making a huge difference in people's lives with the amazing gift of sight.
The very best kind of community service is when the effort is collaborative. So it is with our continuing Coats for Kids program. 
Coordinated by Bettyann Carty and her RCNS team (see the photo), we bring together Peerless Cleaners, First Baptist Church in Simcoe, the Langton Knitters, and our media support team of Second Ave printers, myFM 98.6 & Oldies 99.7 to provide for a variety of clothing intended to help our less fortunate kids stay warm this winter season.
The RCNS sincerely thanks everyone who donated their time and products to help keep our community warm during the coming winter months. 
Results from the day and more photos are shown at the 'Read more ...' tab. Shown in this photo is the RCNS team Sue Finnie, Dave Nicolle, Bettyann Carty, Lisa Carty, Nancy Sherwin, Jim and Marjorie Dawson, Donna Raytrowski, Peter Wheatley & our President Louise Schebesch.
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