Following our very successful speaker series 'Indigenous Voices', our Club has established a priority to carry-on with another themed, community education and information initiative ... so, it's now time to start planning the Norfolk Sunrise, Fall '22, Speakers Series. 
This year's topic is 'Climate Change/Climate Action'
If you have ideas on topics we could cover or speakers we should invite or suggestions on how to reach the greatest number of people to engage them in this series we'd love to have you join us in developing and organizing this event. 
Please EMail our Club coordinator, Marjorie Dawson at or call her directly at 519-583-3328. 
Thanks so much!
On Tuesday, 17 May 2022 and on our behalves, Dave Douglas welcomed Ken Forth, assisted by Gary Cooper,  as our Guest Speakers.  Via Zoom, they spoke to us about 'F.A.R.M.S' and all of the associated impacts that International works have on our (and their) communities. 
Ken (from his farm in Lynden) and Gary (from his farm in Norfolk) offered a very informative overview of the history and current circumstance surrounding the international workers support program the is so essential to the aim of maintaining the food supply that we are so dependent upon. 
See the "Read more ..." tab for additional information about Ken and the F.A.R.M.S. program. The 'Read more..." tab also includes a link to "Heartbeat"; a great video on their work; "A Celebration of International Farm Workers'.
Following quite a few questions about the program, Steve Malo thanked both speakers for the success of the program as they have managed it and expressed the gratitude we all have for their passion and their commitment to farm support in our communities.
The fifth approved licencing of our ever-popular community fundraiser concluded on Friday 21 January 2022 - what an adventure that series of draws proved to be - congratulations to all winners but in particular to John Lloy our $15K Grand Prize Winner!
As a result of the continuing interest in this draw, the Rotary Club of Norfolk Sunrise, with the support of the Port Dover Legion Branch 158, has secured a sixth AGCO/County license and intends to recommence the game on Friday 03 June 2022 - stay tuned for additional details.
See our Fundraiser Tab at the top of this website home page to see the details concerning this very popular game of chance.
Rudi Atkinson writes in:  You are invited to visit the local Rotary Sunrise Trail running north off of Davis St in Simcoe.
In two plantings, the Rotary Club of Norfolk Sunrise, Simcoe Rotary Club, Delhi Rotary Club, and Norfolk Rotaract Club have planted over 10K daffodil bulbs and multiple Redbud Trees.
The blooms are beginning to adorn the trail with their colours. Daffodils represent hope, rebirth, and new beginnings. We await the spring-time beauty of our RedBud plantings!
More photos at the "Read more ..." tab below.
Enjoy!! We did it for you, our beautiful community.
Following a very successful venture in 2020 (right in the middle of the pandemic!), we decided it was important to try collecting hygiene products for those in need, once again. Our aim was to partner with community vendors (incl two employers) to collect feminine hygiene products for distribution to our local Norfolk County food banks (five of them), the woman’s shelter, St Vincent de Paul and the Salvation Army.
After securing the support of eleven retail outlets/collection points in four of our Norfolk communities, we were able to bring the total collection together and produce 3-5 boxes of product for each recipient location. 
Between 15-20 volunteers participated in this very worthy service project with representation from each of the three local Rotary Clubs.  With Area Co-ordinator Bob Stevenson's oversight, Joanne Kiefer and Mary Mercato (both from RCNS) organized and ensured that the event would be as successful as possible. They would like to thank all those who participated and helped out in any way to bring this project to fruition. 
Menstrual health supports girls/young women’s mental and social well being. Plan International Canada reported in 2019 that 34% of women/ girls had to occasionally or often make budgetary sacrifices to afford menstrual products and that 63% missed an activity regularly or occasionally because they were menstruating and had concern for access to product or proper sanitation facilities. 
We would like to think that we made a modest difference in the face of this very difficult community issue.
Rotary's aim was as simple as it was important - to work with others in the community to help with a cleanup of our local waterways - this as a part of a greater Rotary initiative to do something useful across the entire Great Lakes area, during this years Environmental Week.
With District 7090 vision, local Rotary Club coordination (so many thanks to Bob Stevenson and Jim Dawson) and Norfolk County help and cooperation (thanks to Mark Boerkamp; friend of Rotary), we gathered on a beautiful April morning (Happy Easter!) and spread ourselves out to several locations to retrieve everything from steel barrels to baby seats to pandemic masks to concrete blocks to tires from our local waterways.
Part of the aim was to bring community members together - here we brought together the Rotary Club of Norfolk Sunrise, the Rotary Club of Simcoe, the Rotary Club of Delhi, Lions Club Simcoe, Lions Club Port Dover, the Haldimand-Norfolk Geo-Cachers, Norfolk Youth Unlimited and several other civic-minded individuals - quite a gathering of over 90 participants.
Part of the aim was to clean-up our local waterways - here we worked at locations at Alligator Park Simcoe, Wellington Park Simcoe, Quance Dam Delhi, Port Dover, Turkey Point and Long Point.
A small selection of group pictures from the day may be found by going to the 'Read more ...' tab shown below. A much wider selection of photos may be found by clicking here to go to the Photo Directory.
It was a great day (of action!) - our gratitude goes out to all who participated.
Should you be interested in the Rotary International position in respect of the Ukraine Conflict, please read it at the 'Read more ...'.
If you are interested in the Rotary District 7090 position concerning the Ukraine Conflict, as well as to find out how to offer your personal support, please go to the 'Read more ...' tab.
For our part, and as members of the Rotary Club of Norfolk Sunrise; 
in general, we offer our heartfelt thoughts and prayers to the people of the Ukraine for the struggle they have been forced to bear; and
on a more personal note, we reflect on our Rotary friend Yuliia Postil and her family as they live through this monstrous invasion of the country they so-cherish. May God be with you.
For a very interesting reflection on Yuliia's current situation, please click on this link.
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