Very recently, we lost an outstanding member of our Norfolk community and a truly amazing Rotarian - Don Emerson. By going to the 'Read more ...' below, you can read a short note related to Don's contribution to, and work with our Club. Don's Obituary may be read by Clicking Here.
At 2:00pm on Sunday, 16 May, the RCNS will host an on-line, Zoom tribute for Don and his family. We encourage open attendance by those who feel connected to Don and his family. Everyone is welcome. If you are not a member of the Club, and would like to be sent the Zoom link or would like to speak at this session, please contact our event coordinator at your earliest opportunity (Gail Bouw) at this email link. If you are a member of the Club, you need only advise Gail at this email link if you wish to make a few remarks.
Rest In Peace - you made a difference, Don.
The RCNS has jumped in to help with the Rotary effort to supply urgent health supplies to India.
Katherine Vance drew our International Service Cttee's attention to the initiative (see the "Read more ..." tab below). Due to the immediacy of the situation our Club decided to act quickly. A discussion was held and a motion was agreed upon by email. The RCNS contribution of US$1000 will purchase one concentrator. The money will be going to the Rotary Leadership in India, where the concentrators will be purchased; they will ensure that they are delivered appropriately. These machines produce oxygen from the air and never go empty. At the time of this writing,  about 10 District 7090 clubs had already joined the effort.
This Tuesday at our weekly 7am, Zoom gathering, Marjorie Dawson welcomed our Guest Speaker, Dawn Lavell-Harvard, Director of the Trent University First Peoples House of Learning. Dawn was joined by her assistant Lorelei Wilkinson. More details on the guest speaker and her initiative may be found by going to the "Read more ..." tab as given below.
With her eloquence and her impassioned reflection on so many of the issues facing our indigenous peoples, Dawn completely captured our attention. For a brief moment in our time, she became the "spirit of the hummingbird". Hers was a message we will not soon forget; a message drawing out many reflections from several of our Club members with many more going felt, but unstated.
Following the speech and the discussion, Gail Catherwood thanked Dawn (and Lorelei) for joining us so early in the morning. She commented on a connection between what we had been left thinking about and the upcoming Mothers Day  noting that in appreciation for the message, we had restored the vision of someone in India as a art of our Operation EyeSight program.
More fun from our ever-caring Membership Cttee - spend your 'stay at home' time discovering just how much you actually know about our County and its many towns!
We have approval to recommence our favourite card draw - get your tickets for the 09 April return of Catch the Ace sponsored by our club and hosted by the Port Dover Legion.
Go to our RCNS FaceBook Page (see link available at this site) for weekly updates related to the current situation, winners, prizes etc, See our Fundraiser Tab at the top of the website home page to see the previous winners from this, our fourth approved licence to conduct this very popular game of chance.
With the coming of spring there are a lot of Sunrise Trail activities planned.  
First up is the continuing tree planting on the “John Wallace” Rotary Grove on the RC Norfolk Sunrise trail North of Davis Drive.  The plan is to continue the planting of redbuds on both sides of the trail on the straight section going north from Davis St.  We have a skeleton crew signed up to plant on Apr16 (9-12am); with COVID restrictions we are limited to 5 people.  In preparation for the tree planting we will clear some brush so will have a crew on Apr 9 (9am) to do this work - this is a bit heavier work with loppers, saws and brush hogs are needed to take out heavier brush.
Along with the Redbud planting this spring, the RCNS is working with Norfolk County on continuing the tree planting effort. Going north of the Rotary grove, we will be planting a mix of trees on the east side of the trail with the goal of reaching the 14th Concession.  It is expected that this planting project will be scheduled for the Fall '21.  
Speaking of the Fall, rumour has it that past president Rudi is hatching a plan to continue the planting of daffodils in the Rotary grove - stay tuned for further developments!
On Easter Sunday afternoon, 04 April, a member of our club arrived at Meika Matthews home in Port Dover with a secret surprise; a Paul Harris Fellowship!
Performing the honour on behalf of the Club was Rudi Atkinson who backed up the award with remarks that may be read by clicking on the 'Read more ...' tab just below.
Thank you for your tireless service Meika..
Our Quizzer reports out from the April 29 Trivia Night:
In first place: Sexy Simconians now have the bragging rights for the whole summer. The Delhians came second with some smart wagering. The Mongrels (Top Dawgs) snuck into 3rd place
Thanks to all who participated over the months we’ve been running Virtual Trivia!  Between entry fees and sponsorships, we’ve raised almost $4200!  And, we had a ton of fun!
Many thanks to our sponsors:  Aitken Chevrolet, Abel Enterprises, Tracy Winkworth Catering, Cobb and Jones. Kristina Kett - Edward Jones in Port Dover, Gord Maskell - Generous Rotarian, Gail Bouw- Realtor with Coldwell Banker Action Plus, Rudi Atkinson-Artisan, McKeen Restaurants- McDonald’s on the Queensway


The planning has begun ...
The Little Lending Library (LLL) is a free book sharing/lending tool, increasing access to books for readers of all ages.  Currently over 100 countries around the world have established over 100,000 LLL, exchanging millions of books.
The Rotary Club of Norfolk Sunrise is in the process of establishing its first free Little Lending Library in Simcoe and is planning on establishing additional sites within Norfolk County.  
Lead for this District 7090 conceived initiative is with Mary Mercato with support form Alan/Yvonne Plater ... all in support of literacy and promoting the love of reading.
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