On Tuesday, 30 November, we will welcome Anne & Dolf Wynia as our Guest Speakers. Via Zoom, they will help us to learn more about their reforestation project in Norfolk County. To get an early glimpse into the topic they will be discussing, plse click on this link.
We encourage open attendance by all of those who are interested in these speakers and/or their topic.
If you would like to join in, please contact our RCNS meeting coordinator at your earliest opportunity at this email link. 
One of the main issues the RCNS has tried to promote and/or assist with over the years has been related to the improvement of literacy skills. The ways in which we have pursued this aim have been quite varied but our most recent donation to the Norfolk County Public Library (NCPL) has been unique and particularly satisfying.
As a part of the NPL fundraising initiative, the RCNS donated funds to buy additional books for each of the five NCPL locations. In recognition of that support, the library has named the Simcoe upper-floor youth activity area as the 'Rotary Club of Norfolk Sunrise Children's Reading Centre'. We are honoured with this recognition and proud to continue with our support of literacy programs in the County. We cannot think of a better place for our RCNS logo to be than in this particular room and in support of such children's learning.
Well done to Mary Mercato and the RCNS Community Services Committee for coordinating this with Heather King and the NCPL Board and Library leadership.
Shown in the picture are (left to right), Heather King (NCPL Librarian), Steve Malo (Past Pres RCNS), Adam Veri (Chair NPL Board), Louise Schebesch (Pres RCNS), Mary Mercato (Chair RCNS Community Service) and Jennifer Carrier (NCPL Support).
Go to the 'Read more ..' tab to see additional photos.
The RCNS has a long history of working internationally and with other partners, in the service of Operation EyeSight fundraising. Our Fall 2021 campaign is now well-under-way. 
Our International Service Committee has put together a short 5 minute update on the progress of our three Global Grant projects including our newest project in Mzuzu, Malawi in Africa.  See how you are making a huge difference in people's lives with the amazing gift of sight.
We are very proud of our local Trail; the 4 kilometres of Rotary Sunrise Trail going right through Simcoe - we especially know how much the local community uses and appreciates that outdoor facility.
As part of our developing environmental push, and along with Norfolk County support and a wide variety of community partners the RCNS has put a particular push on improving the Sunrise Trail over the past several months. 
You may wish to go to the 'Read more..' tab below to see several photos and to read more about what we've been up to and some of those who have been involved.
RCNS recently donated towards the St Vincent de Paul Society’s food programs.  The Christmas hamper program assists local families experiencing food insecurities during the holidays.  The Society has reported an increase in emergency food requests in 2021 over previous years as well as increase in the number of people relying on the Soup Kitchen.  As at October 31, 837 food deliveries had been made.  The Soup Kitchen is serving approximately 250 meals per week.
Accepting the donation from our Community Service chair Mary Mercato, is Ed Gascoine, President of the Society. He indicates “our thanks to Rotary for the generosity demonstrated toward our mission to help the needy of our community.”
Following our initial success with the RCNS Take a Bite Out of Norfolk (TaBooN), we were encouraged to take a 'second bite'; so, we took on a Fall '21 edition of this popular community support event. We kept the original aim to organize a fundraiser that promoted our County and offered a wide and interesting selection of Norfolk food and products.
Following a dreary start to the distribution day, the sun came out for our sunrise club (apropos) and we all enjoyed a great, covid-friendly, drive-thru morning. In the end, we sold 147 product packages; each stuffed with 14 different items from our County. What a wonderful way to partner with our local Norfolk businesses to showcase our bountiful County and raise funds to put back into the same community. 
We could not have done this as well as we did without a great facility to carry it out so we (once again) offer a huge thankyou to Kristine Carey and Venture Norfolk. Congratulations to our RCNS organizing committee - Gail Catherwood, Gail Bouw, Mary Mercato, Cathy Harrop, Joanne Kiefer and our Club Pres Louise Schebesch. They want everyone to know that all of this was done without shovels - 😂inside club joke! 
Go to the 'Read more ...' tab to have a look at several added pictures from the day as well as to see a listing of those Norfolk businesses who contributed so significantly to the product bags. We thank you all.
The very best kind of community service is when the effort is collaborative. So it is with our continuing Coats for Kids program. 
Coordinated by Bettyann Carty and her RCNS team (see the photo), we bring together Peerless Cleaners, First Baptist Church in Simcoe, the Langton Knitters, and our media support team of Second Ave printers, myFM 98.6 & Oldies 99.7 to provide for a variety of clothing intended to help our less fortunate kids stay warm this winter season.
The RCNS sincerely thanks everyone who donated their time and products to help keep our community warm during the coming winter months. 
Results from the day and more photos are shown at the 'Read more ...' tab. Shown in this photo is the RCNS team Sue Finnie, Dave Nicolle, Bettyann Carty, Lisa Carty, Nancy Sherwin, Jim and Marjorie Dawson, Donna Raytrowski, Peter Wheatley & our President Louise Schebesch.
The sun came out on Thursday morning as RCNS put together their crew to spruce up our Panorama Gingerbread House display.
Helping to put a fresh stain on the house were: Joanne, Kate, Gail C and Keith J. General maintenance was handled by Jim P and Ray Mercato. Scott Williams and his colleague Lyn Smith stopped in to replace some broken pieces of wood on the house and lend some support to the roof. Of course we were all treated to Gail’s baking which was enjoyed by all.
As always Rotary made it all look easy and in 3 hours our job was complete. A few plans are still in place to provide some fresh decorations to the house along with some lights and music. Our tallest order will be figuring out how to transport it to the park as the trailer hitch has gone missing …. Stay tuned. 
Go to the 'Read more...' tab to see several added photos.
Are we busy enough yet??  
The pandemic may have slowed us down a bit, but we now have a full wind in our sails and have returned to our passion for supporting our community.  Just to keep up:
Over the past several weeks, we have completed;
  • four Little Lending Libraries
  • the first of four special speakers in a series highlighting Indigenous Voices; 
  • a Road Rally in honour of our founding President Keith Flexman;
  • a bicycle road tour intended to raise funds to help with the Rotary International aim to eradicate polio;
  • the planting of an additional 6,000 daffodil bulbs along our Sunrise Trail;
  • the restart of Licence#5 of our ever-popular Catch the Ace fundraising event;
  • the planting of a commemorative copper beech tree in Simcoe to celebrate our 25th anniversary;
  • volunteer hours at the Norfolk County Fair and the Riversyde 83 development.
On our immediate horizon, we are planning;
  • an on-line fundraiser to sell and promote Norfolk County products;
  • our annual program to provide warm clothing for local children as winter approaches;
  • participation in our Annual District 7090 Conference;
  • the planting of additional redbud trees along our Sunrise Trail;
  • an on-line auction to raise funds for our community;
  • an event to promote the distribution of women's hygiene products to those in need.
Phew! It’s keeping us busy and we are definitely happier with that situation than beforehand.  All of this activity is detailed on our Club web-page – 
You are all encouraged to use it to keep abreast of our work and play; indeed, it would be great if you might share it with at least one member of your family and/or friends who might have an interest or might indeed pass it along themselves. If we don’t promote ourselves, it’s hard to expect others to do so – who knows; it might even perk someone’s deeper interest in our Club.
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Anne & Dolf Wynia
Nov 30, 2021 7:00 AM
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Trees to the Rescue
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Jan 04, 2022 7:00 AM
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